Female idol hairstyles and looks you should try


If you are looking for ideas for a new look, the best inspiration will be found in the idols of your favorite groups.

From time to time, ideas about a makeover may come to our mind, however, sometimes it is difficult to choose which look you should try. The K-Pop idols you admire the most might have the answer for you, we’ll tell you why.

When a K-Pop group prepares for a comeback, the members of this group often renew their image to show a new facet to their fans, thanks to this, we have witnessed impressive looks that you surely wanted to try.

Don’t let anything stop you, changes always bring something good, so a new look will make you feel renewed and full of energy.

What style should you try this time? We bring you a list of ideas that you can try after getting inspired by female K-Pop idols, do you dare to try it?

Let us know in the comments if you would like to wear one of the styles below.


Eunha has changed her look several times, going from long to short hair, in colors like blue, blonde, testing how she looks with or without a fringe. But without a doubt the look that characterizes her the most is her short hair accompanied by a light fringe and, of course, her intense black hair. This look could help you renew your image if you have worn long hair for a long time and want to take a break from it.


MAMAMOO’s Wheein

But what if you have unruly hair? When we talk about short hair many times we imagine a look without much volume that makes our face look smaller, but Wheein showed us that the volume also goes perfectly with short hair. If your hair has volume naturally, you can comb it to create an effect like the one this idol uses in the following image.

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Female idol hairstyles and looks you should try

Red Velvet’s Joy

Although it is common among Korean idols to see light fringes with see-throughs, heavy fringes are also an incredible alternative. Dare to experience this style that Joy wore wonderfully.

Ryujin from ITZY

Not too short, not too long. Many times it is difficult to choose the perfect length for our hair, so a medium style can favor you. How to make this haircut look amazing? Choose a pastel color that makes your look shine, Ryujin looks perfect in pink, but you could use a lilac or mint green tone.

TWICE’s Dahyun

The TWICE rapper has experimented a lot with her hair, but one thing we love is that Dahyun is often an example of how you can look gorgeous with your hair tied up. This idol wears high ponytails, little buns and even braids and she still looks amazing. These hairstyles will look even more amazing if you dye your hair a different color than what you wear naturally.



Jennie adopted a trend that we have gained popularity, it is about dyeing the hair strands closest to your face a lighter color. She showed us what this look looks like in pink and blonde colors, but you can try it with your favorite color or a discreet shade.


Yeji by ITZY

Yeji wore rainbow colored hair that we loved. You can achieve this effect by using colors from a single gamut but in various shades, but you can also experience diversity like this talented idol did. Best of all, it will look amazing on your natural hair if you just bleach the strands, but it also looks great if you put new colors on your colored hair.


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