Felix from Stray Kids has a birthday today


Celebrate Lee Felix’s birthday with some facts about his idol career. Stray Kids fans have a lot to celebrate today, the JYP Entertainment group just released a new video, but also, Felix is ​​turning 20 years since his birth. Learn a little more about this idol and join the party in his honor.

Lee Felix was born on September 15, 2000 in Sydney, Australia. This was where Felix lived for much of his life, until the opportunity to become a music star presented itself.

His Korean name is Lee Young Bok and in addition to his musical skills, Felix has shown his talents for languages, as he speaks English, Korean, and a little bit of French.

This idol was accepted as a trainee at JYP Entertainment during February 2017, where he trained for only 10 months before debuting.

Before Felix debuted alongside Stray Kids, he was part of the survival show that JYP Entertainment put together to assess the abilities of potential group members. Although Felix was eliminated in one of the episodes, the support of the public and his skills allowed him to return to obtain his place in the group.

Finally, Stray Kids made their official debut on March 25, 2018, and Lee Felix became an idol alongside his fellow members.

This vocalist, rapper, and dancer has earned the affection and admiration of fans thanks to his skills and charisma. Felix is ​​characterized by his sweet smile, his deep voice and his ability to adapt his voice to various situations, which is why he has also acted as an MC in some programs.

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He is a sports fan, especially taekwondo, a discipline where he has the black belt as proof of his talent.

Stray Kids fans have shown their love for Felix by sending him congratulatory messages and good wishes in honor of his birthday, but they have also remembered the most iconic moments of this idol since his debut, have you already congratulated him?


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