Felix confesses his love for desserts in a new ASMR video


The Stray Kids member met up with STAY again to show them some of his favorite sweets.

Felix posted a new ASMR video on YouTube, the Stray Kids idol showed the audience his great love of sugary things, fell in love with STAY with his deep voice, and taught netizens the meaning of ‘bikkie & choccy.’

In December a year ago, Felix surprised Stray Kids fans with a solo activity that showed off his cute tone of voice, a love of sweets, soft drinks, and other delicious things.

Through the official Stray Kids channel on YouTube, the K-pop rapper began uploading ASMR relaxation videos as part of the dynamics of the STAY FM project, dedicated to living and interacting more with the fandom.

On January 6, Felix updated the ASMR videos and on YouTube they posted episode number 3 called bikkie & choccy, an Australian expression that the ‘God’s Menu’ performer explained with great flair.


Felix received STAY with great joy , he immediately said that the word in the video was ‘bikkie & choccy’, which is an expression used in Australia to designate cookies, desserts or bread that are made of chocolate or have that flavor.

Lee Felix revealed that he is the type of person who loves sweets and sugary things, more if it is brownies or cookies, they are his favorite desserts because of their taste and pleasant sweetness. Yum!

The first thing the JYP dancer ate was blue wafers, he took advantage of every bite and enjoyed it to the end. Then he tested the different colored meringues and made sure the sounds were reproduced well.

The Stray Kids member showed his professionalism like a true blogger, grabbed a can of soda and made nice sounds in front of the mic, and even blew a few bubbles with a straw. Owww!

The idol originally from the city of Sydney in Australia delighted and lured viewers with other sweet preparations such as cookies, chocolates, sweets, whipped cream, muffins and gummies. At the end he sent a message:

If you’ve been under a lot of stress today, I hope you eat some sweets to make yourself feel better, I just wanted to say that

Want to hear more ASMR from Stray Kids’ Felix ?, The rapper posted a special Christmas video with that theme. We are sure that his voice will arrow your heart.


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