Felipe Neto at Jornal Nacional: ‘People invented posts’


Last Thursday (30th), youtuber Felipe Neto participated in a report in Jornal Nacional about the recent attacks he suffered on social networks. With false accusations of pedophilia, the influencer was also attacked outside the virtual environment, with people coming to his door to coerce him.

“Coming after me inside my house is a level of persecution that I didn’t imagine would happen. Do you know the soap opera villain that you say would not exist in real life? It exists, it happens, and I see in practice how far people can go, ”said the youtuber to JN. “I never imagined that I would go through this. I never gave any margin, I suspect. And seeing this happening, people inventing posts, it shows how vile the hearts of those people are, how much they are willing to do. ”

The trigger for the charges against Felipe Neto was a print published on Twitter in which the youtuber allegedly wrote a message about pedophilia. However, a fact check indicated that the publication was false.

The repercussion of the case on social media was so great that the name of Felipe Neto was mentioned by more than 320 thousand profiles on Twitter, totaling 1.2 million mentions between 22 and 28 July.

The smear campaign is linked to the fact that Felipe Neto is critical of President Jair Bolsonaro’s government. According to the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, one of the men who went to the house of the youtuber with a sound car to threaten him also participated in the fireworks shooting at the headquarters of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), in Brasilia, on June 13th. Known as “Cavalieri do Otoni”, he has already been denounced for defamation, injury and coercion against Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

The Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) and 36 other entities signed a manifesto in defense of Felipe Neto, citing the defense of the constitutional right to free expression.


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