Fedor, Russia’s Robot, Blames Former Cosmonauts


The Twitter account of Fedor, the humanoid robot that Russia sent to the International Space Station last year, has been closed. Fedor’s Twitter account was closed because he insulted ex-cosmonauts and said I don’t think good things about people.

Russia sent its humanoid robot Fedor to the International Space Station in August last year. Fedor, who stayed on the space station for 10 days, was sent back to Earth when he could not spacewalk.

Fedor, who was sent to Earth because he could not spacewalk on the International Space Station, could not find a place for himself on social media. The humanoid robot Fedor’s Twitter account was shut down for insulting former cosmonauts.

Russian space robot Fedor’s Twitter account was closed

The humanoid robot, officially named Skybot F-850, was an active social media user. Fedor was removed from Twitter after his statements targeting former cosmonaut and new MPs Maxim Suraev and Alexander Samokutyayev.

According to the news in Independent Turkish, Fedor’s Twitter account said, “Unlike Suraev and Samokutyaev, robots are not prone to show weaknesses, they do not violate the alcohol ban on the orbital station, they do not speak nonsense, they complete the flight mission completely and without comment, and are included in the State Duma. He’s not leaving the cosmonaut to find him ”.

Several discussions have been going on for some time between the current head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, and former Roscosmos members. Former cosmonauts think Rogozin played a role in Russia’s lagging behind the United States in the space program. In addition, it is alleged that the Tweets removed from Fedor’s account were also posted by Rogozin.

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Rogozin states that he or any government official is not behind it. Rogozin had previously claimed that he used Fedor’s Twitter account on his own. In addition, former cosmonaut Samokutyaev, who got his share of Fedor’s anger, stated that he was planning to go to court.


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