Federico Viñas explains his “truth” about the car accident


After Federico Viñas had a traffic accident and was pointed out for, supposedly, speeding and not caring about the passengers of the other car involved, the player from America published his version of events in an Instagram story that was replicated by his fans on other social networks.

In his own words, the player dismissed responsibility for causing the crash and denied having ignored the affected people from the other car, since the son of the lady who was traveling in the impacted Uber accused him of driving at high speed, being pushy and initially deny them the pass for medical care.

In his letter, the Uruguayan striker acknowledged that he was upset at first, because he was not to blame for the impact, although shortly afterwards he reacted positively, that he ensured the well-being of the person in the other car and that her relatives were the ones who they faced it.

“I want to clarify that after what happened I was very angry because I was going down the street that has the preference, but it immediately passed me because when I got out of my car, I asked both of them if they were okay and the woman replied that she had hit in the head. I tried to call 911 all the time and even asked the Uber driver if I could call too. When the emergency arrived, I went to my vehicle and stayed there, but some relatives of the passenger came to confront me saying that I had not worried and that is not the case, “he wrote in a first message.

“I also want to clarify that the passenger was very well and left the place with her relatives. Luckily it did not happen to adults and it was only a scare and a bad moment, a greeting and that they are well “, she sentenced in a second page of the story.


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