Federal government opens bidding to buy more than 34,000 PCs and high-performance notebooks


The federal government started a bidding process for the purchase of 34,559 high-performance computers and notebooks to serve 215 public agencies in the Union.


According to the bid notice, 23,360 thousand PCs and 11,199 notebooks will be acquired and they must follow a minimum hardware requirement to fit the order. The company that offers the products at the lowest price wins the auction.

According to a technical study present in the public notice and which was carried out by the government, each desktop can cost up to R$ 6,300 and the amount paid for a notebook can be up to R$ 5,7 thousand. The total price stipulated for the purchase of equipment is R$258.4 million.

As for government required configurations, PCs need to have a processor with a minimum number of 8 cores, at least 8 GB of RAM, plus an SSD. HDs are not supported. The same goes for notebooks.

Those interested in participating in the bidding process have until the 28th of this month to request clarification via the email address [email protected]

The opening of the bids is scheduled for October 1st, at 9 am on the government procurement website. Notices can be accessed through this address.

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