FED Minutes Published Important Cryptocurrency Details


Cryptocurrency and stablecoin details draw attention! The minutes, which were expected to be announced in the evening, were finally published. It was a matter of curiosity what details would be about cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies entered the Federal Open Market Committee Minutes. In the published meeting minutes, a serious place was reserved for stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

FED Minutes and Cryptocurrencies

Some members, who found the trading risks of crypto assets to be high, expressed their concerns at the meeting. Pointing out the lack of transparency about stablecoins, there are warnings made by members about the risks in this regard. Participants consider it essential for financial stability that the necessary regulations come into force as soon as possible.

In the minutes, there are generally negative statements about cryptocurrencies. The decline in the price has slowed down at the 45,500 level for now. Bitcoin price is above $45,500 on the Binance exchange.

The call for action by the participants regarding the regulations speaks to the discomforts of many segments. American lawmakers wrote to the SEC the other day to take action.


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