February’s Xbox Games With Gold features Resident Evil


Today (22), Microsoft announced which games will be free from Xbox Games With Gold (for Live Gold subscribers), which include Resident Evil Remake, Dandara and Gears 5 from Xbox One, Indiana Jones from the Original Xbox and the Emperor’s Tomb and Lost Planet 2 from Xbox 360.

Resident Evil Remake is the revisited version of the classic, originally released for GameCube, and remastered on Xbox One; Dandara is a Brazilian platform game, euqnaot Gears 5 is the latest title released from the iconic Microsoft franchise. In the older games, Lost Planet 2 is an action game with aliens from Capcom, while Indiana Jones brings us an adventure game. Check out:


Resident Evil Remake (Xbox One) – February 1st to 28th
Dandara (Xbox One) – February 16th to March 15th
Gears 5 (Xbox One and Series X / S) – February 1-28
Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb (Xbox) – February 1st to 15th
Lost Planet 2 (Xbox 360) – February 16th to 28th
Xbox Live Gold will see price increases in the U.S.
Unfortunately, this is not just good news. Microsoft also said in the same Xbox News post that the price of Live Gold in the United States will increase. Check out the new prices below:

1 month – $ 10.99 (before $ 9.99)

3 months – $ 29.99 (before $ 24.99)

6 months – $ 59.99 (previously $ 39.99 and now the same value as the old 12-month subscription)

Recalling that the 12-month period has not existed since the middle of 2020, but the 6-month subscription will start to cost the same amount as the old one-year subscription (doubling the amount). In the post, the company reinforces that they are “only in some regions” and that prices will not be adjusted until the next 45 days, a period that the user must see and read the email informing about the adjustment.

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So, what did you think of the games and the price adjustment? Comment below!


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