February Free Games on PS Plus, Xbox Gold


We go over all the free games and when they will be available to players subscribed to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One / Series, Stadia and PC services.

Second month of 2021. We begin February with new releases and outstanding titles that will accompany us this winter on all platforms, but also with a series of titles at no additional cost if we are part of any of the loyalty programs. The new generation is already underway and, in the absence of stock, a good dose of free games can keep us busy for a few weeks.

As we do every month, it is time to collect all the free games that are offered in the subscription programs of PS4, Xbox One, Twitch and Google Stadia in February; another way of referring to PS Plus, Xbox Gold, Prime Gaming and Stadia Pro.

We do not waste a single minute, so from this first of February we go on to review those chosen by Sony, Microsoft, Amazon and Google for their services during this month. We include the dates of availability of the download of each of them and until when they will be available. We already anticipate that one of the best months of February that we remember is here; especially because of what the two greats in the field of consoles offer, with names like Destruction AllStars and Gears 5, among others.

We remember, as always, that from MeriStation we also have several updated articles with the best free video games for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch of 2021.

PS Plus Hit the Gas: Control, Destruction AllStars and More

The month of February is interesting for PS4 and PS5 players who are subscribed to PS Plus. Not only because of the arrival of Destruction AllStars, which was delayed and used to be one of the star titles of February in this service, but because Control: Ultimate Edition adds to the equation with all the content of this definitive version: it includes the game main and the expansions “The Foundation” and “SMA”. To that we must add Concrete Genie and Dawn of Fear, the latter only in Spain as part of the PlayStation Talents program.

Destruction AllStars (PS5) – February 2 – April 5.
Control: Ultimate Edition (PS4; backward compatible on PS5) – February 2 – March 1.
Concrete Genie (PS4; backward compatible on PS5) – February 2 – March 1.
Dawn of Fear (PS4; backward compatible on PS5) – February 2 – March 1.