Features of Smart Bracelet Huawei Watch Fit


Huawei, recently new smart watch and bracelet models Huawei Huawei Watch Watch Fit and GT Pro 2 was offered for sale in Turkey. The most striking of the new devices is the Watch Fit smart bracelet, which is an almost full-capacity smart watch with its advanced features.

Chinese giant technology company Huawei introduced two new smart bracelet and wristband models Huawei Watch Fit and Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro at the Developer Conference it held recently. Being in a huge competition, Huawei seems to shake the smart bracelet market with these two new models.

Both models offered by Huawei are impressive in terms of price performance. We have examined all the features of the extremely affordable Huawei Watch Fit smart bracelet for a smart bracelet for you.

Technical features of Huawei Watch Fit:

Screen: 1.64 inch touch AMOLED
Resolution: 456 x 280 HD
Operating system: Lite OS
Size: 46 x 30 x 10.7mm
Weight: 21 grams (Weight without strap)
Memory: 4 GB
Bluetooth: 2.4 GHz, BT 5.0, BLE
Water resistance: 5 ATM certification

Huawei Watch Fit seems to meet all the features that can be expected from a smart bracelet. Watch Fit, which is like a casual bracelet, is also extremely assertive in sports. The wristband has 96 exercise modes and includes exercise animations to help you practice the movements.

Huawei Watch Fit can alert you to encourage sports when you are inactive for a long time, remind you of your next meeting, and allow you to remotely control your phone’s camera.

What is the difference between Huawei Watch Fit and other smart wristbands?

Huawei Watch Fit seems to be one step ahead of its competitors thanks to some of its features. First of all, it is a great advantage that the bracelet is extremely light and gentle. While wristbands similar to Watch Fit, such as Xiaomi Mi Band, normally do not contain many features, Watch Fit is the kind to meet all expectations of a smart bracelet. The price of the bracelet, on the other hand, is the kind that will leave customers hesitant to reach out to expensive smart bracelets.

The battery life and fast charging feature of the bracelet also seems to satisfy those looking for a smart bracelet. Although the fast charging feature is a common feature on phones, it is a very nice advantage to apply it to the smart bracelet. Moreover, the battery life promised by Huawei Watch Fit is calculated on a screen that will be constantly on, unlike smart wrists that turn off the screen when you are not using it.


Bracelet dimensions: 46 x 30 x 10.7 mm
3 different color options
Rectangular screen
Durable polymer fiber

We can say that the Huawei Watch Fit has an extremely elegant and sporty appearance. The bezel covering this rectangular screen is made of textured matte material and the bracelet has three different soft strap options, Sakura Pink, Mint green and Graphite black.

It is worth mentioning that the Huawei Watch Fit is extremely light in weight as well as its design. This bracelet, with a weight of 21 grams without the strap, is designed not to bother you no matter how long it is used.


1.64 inch AMOLED screen
456×886 HD resolution
Customizable Always on Display display

Huawei Watch Fit consists of a 1.64-inch AMOLED display. This screen with 456×886 HD resolution contains 16.7 million colors. Thanks to the high-sensitivity light sensor placed under the screen, the bracelet can automatically adjust its brightness according to the environment. The Huawei Watch Fit’s screen is set to be Always on Display, that is, to be always on.

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Thanks to this feature, the bracelet offers a comfortable view to the user by minimizing light reflections even in the sunniest weather. The screen of the Huawei Watch Fit is fully customizable. This means that you can easily make a photo on your phone as the background of your bracelet.

What can it measure with its sensors?

HUAWEI TruSeen ™ 4.0 heart rate monitoring
TruSleep ™ 2.0 sleep monitoring
Oxygen Saturation Detection
HUAWEI TruRelax ™ stress monitoring
Exercise tracking
Menstrual period follow-up

Huawei Watch Fit continuously monitors your heartbeat for 24 hours and alerts you when you have a low or high heart rate. The smart bracelet also measures the user’s sleep times, analyzes sleep and provides scientific advice to the user to have a better quality sleep pattern.

Thanks to the oxygen saturation detection of Huawei Watch Fit, your wristband will alert you to low or high oxygen rates in your blood and will give you references to become healthier. The wristband also has a stress monitoring feature, and thanks to this feature, your wristband will advise you on breathing exercises to relax when you are tense and stressful.

Huawei Watch Fit detects when you start training, reminding you when to pause or stop. The wristband also shows you the effort you have spent during your training, and analyzes and records your information such as heart rate during sports.

You can record the start date of your period and how long it lasts on Huawei Watch Fit. Thanks to its feature, Huawei Watch Fit reminds the user that the menstrual period is approaching. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on an Android powered interface.


Operating system: Lite OS
Interface: Multiple interface support
Find my phone feature
Remote camera control

Huawei Watch Fit comes with the Lite OS operating system that Huawei used in its watches. This operating system, which works very well with the device, contributes a lot to the battery life of the bracelet. The bracelet has hundreds of interface support that you can choose from as you wish.

Huawei Watch Fit also has the feature of locating the device you are connecting to. This feature is very useful in situations such as lost or stolen. You can also remotely control the camera of your Huawei mobile phones with this smart bracelet.

Battery life and charging support

7 – 10 days battery life
Fast charging feature

Huawei Watch Fit is also very assertive about battery life. This smart bracelet promises the user 10 days of battery life in daily use. Many features such as 30 minutes of exercise per week, 24-hour heartbeat monitoring and the notification center of the wristband are included in daily use.

If you use the bracelet extensively, the battery life can last up to 7 days. Huawei says it will be usable all day when the Watch Fit is charged in as little as 5 minutes with its fast charging technology. When we look at the battery of the Huawei Watch Fit in general, we can say that it has a very successful battery life compared to a smart bracelet.


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