Features of Samsung’s Wireless Charger Trio Appear


Samsung has started to list its new wireless charger Trio, which it recently announced, in various countries. This listing clearly reveals all the details of the product. 

South Korean technology giant Samsung announced a new wireless charging product in early September. This product, which we mentioned in one of our news, was called “Trio”. Samsung did not mention the details of the new wireless charger in its statements at that time. However, we now have much more information about Trio, which has started to be listed in various countries.

According to the information on the Samsung store page, the Trio has 6 charging coils. Offering 9-watt fast charging support, the product can charge 7.5-watt Apple products with all devices that support at least 5 watts in Qi standard. The Trio, which has LED indicators, has a very compact structure with 240 mm x 86 mm x 15.5 mm in addition to its weight of 320 grams. In addition, the Trio, which is a magnetic fixing section for the Galaxy Watch, prevents the watch from slipping off.

Users can purchase Samsung’s new wireless charger in black or white. In addition, this product can be set to operate automatically. So you don’t have to run this product every time. In addition to all these features, the Samsung Trio also provides charging in cases no thicker than 3 millimeters.

It is important to note that it is important that the trio can work in covers up to 3 millimeters. After all, many users use their smartphones with thin cases. If the Trio did not have such a feature, if the case was used, it would heat up more, and as a natural consequence of this, it would reduce the watt value and cause a product to be charged for a longer time. Here such a problem has been eliminated with Trio.

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With the Trio, all these features, Samsung announced in its first statement about the Trio that the price of this wireless charger will be 99 euros.


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