Features of Huawei’s New Mid-Processor Kirin 820 Revealed


New information has emerged about the Kirin 820 processor Huawei plans to use on next-generation mid-range phones. The AI-powered processor will be the successor of the Kirin 810.

Chinese technology giant Huawei plans to introduce 5G powered smartphones later in the year, powered by a new mid-range Kirin processor. It is known that this processor, which will be included in the devices, will be Kirin 820 5G.

Digital chat station, known for its leaks for smartphones in Weibo, shared some information that revealed some of the technical features and architecture of the new Kirin 820 processor. According to the information received, Kirin 820, produced with 7 nm technology, has A76 CPU and Mali G77 GPU.

Kirin 820 also uses the advanced Neural Processing Unit (NPU) supported by the company’s Da Vinci architecture. With the project Project Da Vinci (D Plan), Huawei plans to produce its own AI-powered chips, completely avoiding the dependence on US chips.

No information is provided about the integrated modem to be used in Kirin 820 with 5G support. The new processor is expected to be used on mid-range smartphones such as Huawei Nova 7 and Honor 30, which will be introduced soon.

It will be released as an advanced version of the Kirin 810 used on phones like the Kirin 820’s Mate 30 Lite and P40 Lite. The Kirin 810, produced with 7 nm technology, featured the Mali G52 GPU and Ascend D100 Lite NPU.


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