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One of the most talked about companies in the smartphone world, Apple has made quite strong claims this week. So, what were the highlights about Apple this week?

One of the most talked-about brands in the world of smartphones, iPhone has revealed quite strong rumors this week. One of them was the release date of the iPhone SE 2 (which may also have a different naming). There are rumors that the mid-segment iPhone model will be available in early March.

Apart from that, some claims were made about the colors of iPhone 12. Let’s take a look at what has been talked about Apple this week with all and more.

What happened this week at Apple?

  • iPhone SE 2 can be released in March: Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone
    model can be released early March this year. According to the news in Bloomberg, the production of the device can start in February.
  • iPhone 12 may come with the new Navy Blue color variant: Everything from Apple Pro, according to Max Weinbach, iPhone 12 may come with the Navy Blue color variety. According to Weinbach, this color option will be the place of Midnight Green.
  • Apple Watch Connected program: Apple announced its Apple Watch Connected program this week. The program is shaped to reward Apple Watch users who go to sports.
  • Apple and iCloud encryption: Apple is considering using end-to-end encryption on iCloud backups, according to the report in Reuters. The claim that Apple has not used this encryption method to avoid problems with the FBI so far has not yet been confirmed.
  • Safari may stop using Adobe Flash: With Safari Technology Preview 99, Apple will take its path with Adobe Flash. So, with these features coming to the main Mac web browser, Safari users will not be able to install or use Flash.
  • The Manhattan District Attorney established the iPhone crushing lab: According to the report in the Fast Company, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. has set up a forensic lab worth $ 10 million for breaking iPhone in criminal cases.
  • These are the highlights of Apple this week. So, what happened to your attention the most? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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