Feature You Can Video Conversation to Tinder


A new feature called “Face to Face” has been added to the Tinder application. This feature allows users to video chat before meeting in real life. The feature also prevents users from encountering a surprise during the meeting.

Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps in the world, announced today that it has launched a new feature called “Face to Face”. This feature, as the name suggests, allows users to video chat.

With the new feature of Tinder, users will have the opportunity to see each other before physically coming together. In addition, in these days when social distance is of critical importance, users will be given the opportunity to interact with them. Tinder says that thanks to this feature, users will not have an unexpected surprise when meeting someone.

This is how Tinder’s new feature looks

Making a statement about the Face to Face feature, Rory Kozoll, one of the Tinder managers, states that the feature has been tested with a very limited user base for a while. Stating that the feedback of this limited user base is very positive, Kozoll states that now all Tinder users can use this feature.

Tinder’s video chat feature can only be used if both parties consent. In addition, a user can disable this feature if they wish. Kozoll states that the Face to Face feature will provide user security as well as bringing users together. Time will tell how much the feature will be loved.

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