Feature to make it easier to wait in call centers from Google


When calling a call center or any place where the phone is turned on by an automated system, it is often quite tedious to wait for a contact to connect. The longer the waiting period, the more troublesome this situation becomes. While many people find the solution to turn on the speakerphone and wait, the repetitive music can also be frustrating during this process. Google aims to eliminate this situation with its new feature called Hold for Me.

Hold for Me, which will meet with users on Android, will first appear in a preview version on Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. This feature will be activated when a toll-free number is called and users are put on hold.

After the waiting period begins, Google Assistant will take over the monitoring of the conversation. Users will be able to take care of other things they have to do at this time. When a real person is connected to the other end of the line, users will be notified of the situation with a sound, vibration and a notification on the screen. The other person will also be asked to wait for a short time. Users who wish during the waiting period will be able to see what is said on the screen, if any, on the screen.

Hold for Me, which is currently an optional feature, can be activated through Google settings. It can be said that this is similar to other features such as “Call Screening” developed by Google to improve the call experience.

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