A Feature of Google Earth Pro is Coming to the Standard Mobile Application


Stars appear in the background of the Earth in Google Earth Pro, which is used in the desktop version of Google Earth. In the mobile application of the program, there is a black background instead of the star image. This will be the case, at least until the new update.

Google’s Google Earth app doesn’t just show places on Earth. If you get far enough, you can also view Earth as an ordinary planet. In Google Earth Pro, the web and desktop application of Google Earth, when you go far enough to see the Earth like an ordinary planet, you can see the stars behind the Earth.

This beautiful visual feast of Google is now coming to Google Earth’s mobile application used on phones and tablets. In the mobile application, a plain black background was previously used in place of the starry space image.

From now on, you will be able to see the space imagery obtained by the European Southern Observatory on Earth behind Google Earth. When you want to look at Earth from outside on Google Earth, you will even be able to see the stars that are about 48,000 light years away from Earth.

Google considers adding stars to Google Earth as part of its efforts to make the application look realistic. The tech company has therefore announced that they have also added cloud animations that show the worldwide weather. “Realism is important to us,” said Jonathan Cohen, a software engineer at Google Earth. That’s why we want people using Google Earth to see our planet’s place in space consistently. ”


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