Feature from Spotify to make it easier for podcast listeners


Spotify has become one of the most important players in the podcast field with its investments and innovations recently. In addition to the purchases it makes, the company also offers features that will encourage its users to listen to podcasts. The newest of these features allows Spotify’s users to add one of the episodes of a podcast they have not subscribed to to the playlist.

The feature in question works quite simply. There will now be a plus icon next to each section. When this icon is tapped, the podcast episode will be added to the new episodes section of the application.

Previously, users could only see the episodes of the podcasts they subscribed to in the episodes section. Recorded episodes will now be stored in the section titled “your chapters”.

Spotify closes one of the distinct differences with other podcast applications with this new feature. It can be said that this feature provides an important comfort to the users in following the content they have not subscribed to.


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