Feature coming with iOS 14; How to use Back Tap?

With iOS 14, many innovations and useful features for iPhone users have come. We have touched on most of them with the detailed iOS 14 review. However, there was a feature that we did not include in our review and that was mentioned in the comments, especially on YouTube. It is Back Tap, the Touch Back feature. In this video and article, we answer questions such as what is Back Tap, how to open and use it.

With Back Tap, or in other words Touch Back, you can perform frequently used functions or activate the Shortcuts you create by tapping the back of your iPhone twice or three times in a row. Touch Back will be very useful especially on phones such as iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max with large screens. Moreover, without moving your smartphone in your hand, touching the point where your index finger touches on the back for two or three times ensures that the movements you set are performed.

How to open and set Back Tap on iPhone?

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Enter the Accessibility section.
  3. Follow the touch option.
  4. Enter the Touch Back option at the bottom of the touch page.
  5. Inside the Tap Back page, you’ll see the Double Tap and Triple Tap sections.
  6. When you log in to each section, you will see various options under titles such as System, Accessibility, Swipe Gestures, Shortcuts. Pick the one you want and finish the adjustments.

How to use Back Tap with iPhone?

In the video, you might get the impression that you need to click the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone. However, when you hold the phone normally, Back Tap movements will work properly at the point where your index finger easily touches.

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