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The Google Chrome Android app seems to be getting the expected feature for incognito mode. The feature that started the tests may come soon. Google Chrome is testing a new feature for Android users. When Incognito Mode was turned on in Chrome, screenshots were not allowed. Switching to this application due to privacy protocols on mobile devices, Google prohibited users from taking screenshots, especially when in hidden mode. This feature may be changing.

How to take screenshots with Google Chrome Android app incognito mode on

Google Chrome Android uygulaması gizli mod

Thanks to Google’s popular incognito mode feature, your actions on the sites you enter or click are not tracked and you do not need to delete the history. Because when you exit the hidden mode, your data is automatically deleted.

It was not possible to take screenshots while in the popular feature until now. Rolling up their sleeves to change things up, software developers are working on a feature that will allow you to take a screenshot while in stealth mode. Although it is not known when this feature will be available to users and when the update will come, it is possible to say that it is an expected feature for a while.

To remind you, we recently announced that Google Chrome and YouTube will speed up with the QUIC feature. Although Google Chrome has been using the TCP protocol for many years, many criteria from the browser to the protocol used can affect the user experience when it comes to the loading speed of the sites. The only thing that has not changed in the last 30 years is the TCP (transmission control protocol) feature. The QUIC feature uses UDP (user datagram protocol) instead of TCP.

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