Feature Coming to Determine Who Can Answer Tweets


Aiming to provide more control to its users, Twitter is testing a new feature where people will choose who can respond to their tweets. Tweets will now be fired in three different modes.

One of the biggest names in social media, Twitter has been a platform where everyone can talk to everyone. The newly developed feature of the platform will give users more control. Users can choose different ways of speaking.

The platform’s new feature will feature three different speaking modes. These three types will be divided into Open, Community and On Invitation, respectively. One of these three modes can be selected for each conversation.

There are different options on Twitter
Twitter’s different chat options will allow people to choose who they can interact with in a sense. The first option, Open, will not change anything in your Twitter experience. Anyone can see and reply to your posts. The community, on the other hand, seems to be a sort of Facebook community. Those who can respond to the tweets you send in this way will be the people you follow and the accounts you mentioned. In a way, follow-up will come back.

On the other hand, the option Invited means that only those who are mentioned in Tweet by the person who started the conversation in that conversation can contribute. Let’s say the Webtekno Twitter account makes a flood and, at the same time, chooses to be able to respond as an Invitation. It adds you in the first tweet. In this case, only our official account and you can tweet in this chat. This feature can be a great method for Twitter interviews.

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New feature is still in the testing phase
The new feature was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, who is currently involved in testing and reverse engineering. There is no doubt that the feature will bring a new breath to the platform when it is released. Although popularity was not an issue for Twitter, it took a long time for the site to reach the desired earnings level. With its new features, the company can make interactions more specific and more targeted and focus on access. What do you think about this feature? What do you think will change this feature on Twitter?


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