Fear The Walking Dead’s Defense Does Not Satisfy Critics


The fifth season of the series Fear The Walking Dead was held by fans and critics. The critics found the defense of the series’s author, Scott Gimple, about the fifth season quite absurd. Let’s look at the details of the news together.

The sixth season of the Fear The Walking Dead television series will meet audiences later in 2020, but controversial talks about the series continue to appear in the headlines. In an interview with Scott Gimple, who is the author of the series, he made some statements about Fear The Walking Dead and commented that the fifth season of the series was held by fans and critics.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gimple did not give an in-depth explanation of the series’s fifth season, and chose to defend only superficially. Of course, Gimple’s critics include his disregard for bad comments about the show. Critics point out that this strategy is only at the detriment of the series and cannot be directed in a better direction.

Critics find Gimple’s remarks inadequate:
Gimple said that the series, which was quite complicated by fans and critics, did not have any regrets about the fifth season scenario and continued with the following words; Beş The fifth season of the series was a harbinger of the ways in which the characters would go through in the sixth season. I think fans will notice the connection between the two seasons. ”Gimple argues that the last moments of the fifth season are heralding how the characters will follow in the future.

Critics still find Gimple’s statements quite inadequate and think it’s ridiculous to argue that the fifth season of the series is only a preparation for the sixth season. Critics argue that the season of a series should prepare the environment for the next season, and that this is the logic of television series, but that there should be integrity within a season itself.

The sixth season of the series continues to wonder how to follow the path. Due to the fifth season, many of the fans were disappointed. But if things develop as Gimple suggests, there may still be hope for fans.

What do you think about the fifth season of Fear The Walking Dead?


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