Fear The Walking Dead: Why Many Think We’re Near The End Of The Spin-Off


Having recently been renewed for season 8 of Fear The Walking Dead as it reaches the middle of season 7, the show is now at the perfect point for it to come to an end. Although neither AMC nor the showrunners behind the zombie spin-off have not confirmed that this is the case, the next season should serve as the last in the series.

Although that is not confirmed to be the case, many believe that Fear The Walking Dead season 8 should be where the show comes to an end. The show’s many changes have been met with a sharp divide, and season 7 has currently received a very mixed response as of its mid-season conclusion. The return of Madison Clark also sets the stage for the show to come to its perfect conclusion and end the show in a way that is satisfying for viewers.

Fear The Walking Dead begins to follow the Clark family as they and others try to survive the early stages of the outbreak. Former showrunner Dave Ericksen even intended for the series to follow the characters as they transform into villains. However, in season 4, when Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss took over as showrunners, Nick died, Madison disappeared, and Morgan replaced Alicia as the show’s lead.

These changes were not well received by many fans, hence the mixed reception of Seasons 4 and 5. Although Season 6 garnered a more positive response, Season 7 has thus far fallen to mixed reviews, with many criticizing its seemingly aimless narration. This shows that if the fear continues beyond Season 8, these issues could get worse.

As mentioned above, Madison is finally making her long-awaited return to Fear The Walking Dead in season 7. While this will likely help keep fans interested in the show so that it continues to thrive for more years, it actually would be. best for the series. to use her return as a way to give the series a satisfying conclusion. Her role as one of the original main leads makes Madison’s return to Fear The Walking Dead a big deal and somehow completes the series’ circle.

Overall, there is currently no way to know for sure if Fear The Walking Dead season 8 will be its last. However, with The Walking Dead and World Beyond ending, it seems only natural that the spinoff will start to follow her lead as well. If season 8 can deliver a solid ending that satisfies viewers, it can redeem the show for past mistakes. However, if showrunners choose to continue beyond that, hopefully they’ll find ways to keep the show fresh and exciting without repeating those mistakes.