Fear The Walking Dead: trailer shows new alliances


The new trailer for the second part of the 6th season of Fear The Walking Dead was released on Wednesday (17) and shows the idea of ​​rebirth for several of the characters.

The first spin-off of The Walking Dead makes the return of its current season on April 11.

In the trailer, alliances are tested and new confrontations force the characters to prove themselves on the way to the finish line. The narration says that what is happening is not new and that the world was already breaking down from the beginning.

Recently, episode writer Scott M. Gimple revealed that the Season 6 sequel is full of revelations and anguish, implying that there may be major changes ahead.

In addition, new characters played by John Glover, Nick Stahl and Keith Carradine are introduced.

Check out the trailer:

Fear The Walking Dead: more details about the return of season 6

The latest trailer released by AMC has the emblem “death, destruction, decline”. However, he also alludes to rebirth, to new life.

The teaser focuses on the central characters, in addition to highlighting the mysterious character of John Glover, which Alicia calls “king of the madmen”. In addition, someone who appears to be a new villain also shows up in the video and promises to dissolve the strong narrative built up to then.

With the end of the original series, The Walking Dead, the production should become the focal point of the universe of the undead. Therefore, the new additions to the cast will still go through many situations.

Fear The Walking Dead has already had its 7th season guaranteed and the new episodes are expected to return on April 11 at AMC. Be sure to check it out!


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