Fear The Walking Dead: Teaser Shows Morgan Trying to Keep Everyone Alive


Fear The Walking Dead: AMC released this Friday (4) a teaser of the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead that will air next Sunday (6). In the video, we see Morgan struggling to get everyone in the group safe. Check out:

Apparently, Morgan isn’t happy about Strand’s arrival. “I’ve been leading these people from one dead end to another. All the while promising that this will lead to something different, something better. I just want to be sure this time,” he says on the scene. , Morgan’s effort can get more and more difficult, because, according to The Walking Dead’s history, the end of season always counts with deaths of important characters.

In Season 6, Morgan (played by Lennie James) tries to free the rest of the group from the clutches of Virginia (Colby Minifie), while she remains desperate to find her sister.

The episode USS Pennsylvania will air next Sunday on AMC.


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