Fear the Walking Dead Season 7B: Reveal who will face each other in the next war


Fear the Walking Dead, the first spin-off of the original drama The Walking Dead, premiered its season 7 in mid-October last year on the AMC broadcast network, and will hit fans’ screens with the second half of the installment, which is scheduled to air beginning Sunday, April 17 with a war unlike anything seen before on the hit show.

Fear the Walking Dead fans should prepare to see a battle of great magnitude. While Alicia Clark was absent for most of the first half of Season 7’s storyline, she will now return focused on her target. Alycia Debnam-Carey’s character is back in full force to take on one of the show’s most evil villains.

In season 7B of Fear the Walking Dead, the daughter of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), is more determined than ever to face her former best friend on the show, Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). Alicia will also have other specific targets in her sights as executive producer Andrew Chambliss recently revealed.

It was through an interview with Entertainment Weekly, when Chambliss referred to this part of the history of season 7B of Fear the Walking Dead, explaining that the next episodes of the zombie drama will decide if the relationship between Alicia Clark and Victor Strand could survive. in the future.

“7B is going to be something we haven’t seen before in Fear, where we see a character we know and love become the ultimate villain. And we see that the people who were his friends and the person who is arguably his best friend, Alicia Clark, have to stand up to him. And we’re going to see what this does to Alicia, what she shows you about herself. And ultimately, we’re going to ask the question of whether or not their relationship can survive in the future.”

Recall that Victor Strand was revealed as the new Fear the Walking Dead villain when season 7 hit screens in October of last year. Colman’s character has been confronted in this installment by Morgan Jones (Lennie James), but fans will have to wait for the premiere and the next episodes to find out if it will be Alicia who finally ends up killing him.

Let’s remember that both characters exist in the history of Fear the Walking Dead since the first season. And while some fans want Victor to die, we’ll have to wait to see if it’s Alicia who will finish him off before someone else can, as his death is one of the things that’s likely going to happen in this installment of the spin-off. off of The Walking Dead.