Fear the Walking Dead season 6: where is Grace?


At the moment, the biggest thing we’re hoping for for Fear the Walking Dead is simply that Grace is still out there somewhere. She is a great character and we loved the relationship that she and Morgan built over time.

Finding her is certainly one of Morgan’s goals now that she has survived the events of the suspense, but finding her is not proving too easy. Nothing is usually entirely easy for the character of Lennie James, and the same is true now.

Are we hopeful that Fear the Walking Dead will eventually appear again? Sure, but the writers don’t seem to be in a rush. So far this season, they’ve focused more on bringing other characters together. Tonight’s installment was generally about Dwight and Sherry, while we’ve seen a little story with Al and Isabelle and there’s also been a reunion with June and John Dorie.

We think Grace and Morgan might have a moment in the near future … it’s just a matter of trying to find him and extract good things from him. The biggest hurdle everyone has right now is trying to figure out how to stop Ginny.

She is the Big Bad within Fear the Walking Dead, especially since she therefore has influence around the world. Not all of our heroes know where the others are, and it certainly is a struggle as they all search for the best way to meet.

We are not losing hope for Morgan and Grace, and we are sure that many other people feel exactly the same way.

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