Fear the Walking Dead: Season 6 Finale Promises Twists


Fear the Walking Dead is about to wrap up its 6th season and the spin off thrills just keep getting better. For the season finale, the pressure on Morgan’s hands is increasing as the survival of the entire group depends on the leader.

How will the course of life for Morgan and the rest of the Fear The Walking Dead cast resist the continuing threat of nuclear catastrophe? Check out the opinion of Lennie James himself, the actor who brings the character Morgan to life in the series.

What to expect from the Fear the Walking Dead season finale?

The preparation for the season finale started from the last episode with Victor Strand’s betrayal of Morgan and the group as a whole.

Despite being a momentary surprise, the character’s past already suggested that something along these lines could happen at any time.

When asked about Strand’s betrayal, James commented that he was not so surprised. What really caught his attention was Morgan’s reaction to what had happened.

According to an interview given to TV Insider, Lennie recalled that Morgan had no hint of sadness or aggression when he realized what was going on. For James, this was a “big moment” for Fear the Walking Dead.

As a way of remembering the journey of the 6th season of Fear the Walking Dead, the actor ended up reflecting a little on the main episodes shown recently and reinforced two of them, the 8 and 9. For those who don’t remember, they are episodes in which the group said goodbye to John Dorie in a unique and emotional moment, really worth remembering.

To prepare the audience for the season finale, Lennie James commented that the final episode of Fear the Walking Dead’s season 6 is a moment where the breath will be held all the time, such tension displayed.

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