Fear The Walking Dead 6×9: Morgan takes revenge on another character


Fear The Walking Dead 6×9: The 6×9 episode of Fear the Walking Dead brought the kind of content that fans love: big reveal, action, drama and the perfect hook for the next episodes of season six. Therefore, this recap is indispensable for fans of The Walking Dead spin-off.

Since the revelation made in the previous episode about Dakota – the fact that she admittedly killed Cameron – we have been anxious to see how this revelation would affect the characters close to her who lived under a lie. In short, everything turns into great chaos, which is why the new episode of the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead is so revealing.

Keep reading the recap and better understand everything that happened!

More details of episode 6×9 of Fear the Walking Dead

Things start to get confusing when Morgan captures Virginia and takes her to the same place where Alicia is, leaving her intrigued about what he intends to do.

Virginia, realizing that she has no escape to preserve her life, tries to establish a bargaining situation with Morgan and says some conditions to get Hill to free Daniel and Grace.

To do that, it would be necessary to let Dakota be free and start her own life again, and she could not be killed by her enemies. In other words, she gives up her own life, as long as it is at Morgan’s hands.

He even tries, but fails to take Ginny’s life. Instead, Morgan allows her to have a conversation with Dakota in which the girl cries over the death of her parents and Virginia finally makes the big reveal: she is not Dakota’s sister, but rather, her mother.

When things calm down again, Morgan talks to Ginny again and says it is impossible for her, along with Dakota, to remain with her group. However, instead of killing them, it offers an escape route that can keep them out of harm’s way … theoretically.

June shows up to talk to Virginia and the topic is motherhood. She, as Rose’s mother, understands the need to protect her son, even though Dakota is a murderer. That’s why June, avenging John, shoots Ginny in the head.

She says goodbye to the scene by putting on John’s hat and leaving the environment intact.

With everything that happens in the new episode of the 6th season of Fear The Walking Dead, you can understand why the spin-off is so successful. May there be more incredible twists like these!


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