Fear the Walking Dead 6×8: John takes a new turn in the series


Fear the Walking Dead has reached its half and the remarkable events prepare the audience for great adventures to come.

In episode 6×8, we see a lot of development for John, a character played by Garret Dillahunt, as he alternates between reinforcing how much he wants to die and planning his own suicide, but the character’s thinking takes an unexpected turn.

What could have resulted from this? Check out the recap!

More details of the 6×8 episode of Fear the Walking Dead

Returning to life after June, John ends up reuniting with Morgan and Dakota at a random moment and it is visible the happiness that both sides feel for meeting again after a while.

However, despite the proximity, John promptly refuses Morgan’s call to fight the evil that haunts the environment, either directly, entering the battle, or helping to build barriers near the riverbed that has dried up. John’s only contribution was to help Morgan and Dakota pass through a group of zombies that were being contained only by a barrier.

Things start to get complicated in the eighth episode of Season 6 of FTWD when the group suffers an attack and Morgan almost dies, but John manages to avoid the worst. However, it is clear that Dorie has suicidal plans in mind and when she can no longer hide, she just says how much she wants it all to end soon.

While Morgan and John are together, Dakota is in another situation and finds herself almost killed by a zombie, but uses a knife to get rid of the situation – a knife that was the same one used to kill Cameron, as she herself admits to John when meet again. Cameron knew a lot about the girl’s way of getting around and was intriguing, so there was only one alternative left for him.

The main twist comes when John declares to Dakota that he sees a reason to stay alive, ignoring his suicidal thoughts, and it is the girl herself who shoots John while saying that death does not always have to have meaning.

Dorie falls into deep water and finds the strength to stay alive in a photo with her father, serving as a motivation for him to swim in search of safety. Morgan hears the shooting noise and confronts Dakota, causing her to reveal that he is responsible not only for the shooting at John, but also for Cameron’s death.

Now there is an expectation for the new episodes. The 6th season of Fear the Walking Dead still has a lot to reveal to us!


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