Fear The Walking Dead 6×6: amputation spoils John’s plan


In the 6×6 episode of Fear The Walking Dead, a huge plot twist makes things a little more difficult than we expected for John, especially after Janis’s death. What a season, isn’t it?

Check out the full recap below!

More details about the 6×6 episode of Fear The Walking Dead

At the beginning of the episode, Virginia and her Rangers chase a man to find out more about a mysterious group. With that, we discovered that June and Sarah became almost Ginny employees and transformed an abandoned vehicle into a kind of ambulance.

However, the ambulance is of little use, as they cannot get to where they need to quickly. Incidentally, Malcolm dies during improvised surgery to remove his appendix. So, they say they need a hospital, but Ginny does not comply with her request.

Then, John meets June and Sarah while his wife sets a new destination for them: Paradise Ridge. When she says she is disappointed that she is unable to help people, he suggests that the group just leave.

June refuses and reaffirms her desire to save people, to which John replies: “you can save me”.

Before anything else, Sarah is summoned to the city and discovers that a very serious accident happened, in the style of The Walking Dead. When the three arrive at the scene, everything is a disaster and a building is about to explode. June arranges with John that they will help the survivors and then leave.

But helping is not so easy. That’s because Ginny finds a truck with the phrase “The end is near!” written and deduces that the accident was on purpose. Soon, she refuses to take anyone to the ambulance before getting some answers.

Ginny won’t let June take care of Wes until she interrogates him. He says he doesn’t know anything about whose bunker he is and June challenges his superior. Seeing that Wes’s suffering is increasing, she silences him without Ginny’s permission.


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