Fear The Walking Dead 6×4: Cameron morreu na série?


The 6th season of Fear The Walking Dead continues to be full of emotions! In this episode, John sends a secret recording to June with the help of Janis. In the message, he recalls his father’s life as a police officer. In addition, he also says that the survivors have not lost anyone, but that is not exactly true.

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Just as John sends the recording, they find Cameron wrapped around a wire and being eaten by the walkers. Ginny is unmoved and remembers having warned Cameron several times about the danger of his irresponsible drinking. Then, John begins to explore the crime scene and finds a diamond earring near the corpse.

Later, Strand offers his help to John. Meanwhile, Janis claims that the earring found is not hers and she barely knew Cameron. John suggests that he must have been pushed around and wants a safer future for all survivors.

During the funeral, he begins to interrogate Dakota while Janis sneaks out. And in your bag, what do we see? The other pair of the diamond earring!

When arrested, Janis admits that she and Cameron were lovers. They had been hiding Ginny’s situation and were planning to leave Layton. Thus, she suspects that Ginny put the earring in her purse in a real plot twist from Fear The Walking Dead.

In turn, Ginny claims to have read all the letters to June. She is not angry because she believes that John really wants to help the survivors. However, she wants to see Janis as a side effect and a potentially dangerous person for the group. She still tries to manipulate John, saying she is proud of their work.

When John leaves his office, he finds Dakota and she says that, yes, her sister is protecting someone. John becomes increasingly suspicious and waits for nightfall to dig up Cameron’s body. Then, he finds out that his throat has been cut. However, investigations are interrupted by the arrival of some walkers.

The next day, he tries to show the evidence to Strand, but the walkers lacerated his colleague’s body. On the positive side, he still had the knife found in Cameron’s hands, deducing that it was the murder weapon.

Over the next few episodes of Fear The Walking Dead, we must find out what really happened to Cameron and what is the relationship between Ginny and Janis in the “accident”. Keep an eye out for more!


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