Fear The Walking Dead 6×14: Alicia Meets Old “friends” (Spoilers)


Fear The Walking Dead: Season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead brought back a plot from season 4, when Madison sacrificed her own life to save the Dell Diamond community. Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone remembers how heroic the act was and how she wanted to build a better world, since the survivors took advantage of her second chance for something she would undoubtedly not approve of.

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More details of episode 6×14 of Fear The Walking Dead

The new episode revived an old fan desire: to find out what happened after Madison’s sacrifice. However, if you hoped to continue with the hope that she was alive, it may be time to abandon your will. After all, the series resumed what happened to the people in the stadium after she traded her own life, but it seems that, for Madison, there is no return.

Instead, the episode was centered on Alicia and how she handled her mother’s sacrifice. Teddy wants the girl beside her on a mission to retrieve her own mother’s body from a mausoleum. With Dakota’s help, they manage to recover her body, but a problem with the truck means that they need to be saved by Cole. That’s right, one of the members of the Dell Diamond community!

Cole warns the trio about some bad people who are setting up traps across that region, hoping to be able to assault and murder them. He offers to help them get a new tire, as he feels he has found a way to pay the debt for Madison’s sacrifice.

However, here is a turnaround: Cole was not helping the three of them! When they arrive at the store, he and his group of allies aim guns at Alicia, Teddy and Dakota. They want their groceries and also find out where Teddy intends to take his own allies. That is, they are the bad people that Cole was pretending to warn them about, and that was his way of survival (yes, by killing other people).

Teddy refuses to reveal the location of the bunker and they are attacked by walkers at the same time. After the fight, it is now Alicia who points a gun at Cole, furious that her mother’s sacrifice was worthless. She kills him and regrets it, since taking someone’s life isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world – although FWTD sometimes makes it seem that way.

Then Teddy congratulates her for growing up and leaving the past behind. He reveals that the body removed from the mausoleum was not really her mother’s, but he wanted to find a way to make her forget what happened at Dell Diamond.

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