Fear The Walking Dead 6×13: A Character From The Past Returns


Fear The Walking Dead: The 6th season of Fear The Walking Dead continues to surprise fans. In this new episode, a new character related to John Dorie’s past resurfaces, making June confront his own feelings after John’s death.

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After the death of John Dorie, we believed it would be the end of the character and his stories. However, the new FTWD chapter brought a new character that has something to do with him.

After fighting with Morgan, June continues to look for answers about “The End is the Beginning”, the cryptic message of the season. Dwight follows her and Sherry follows Dwight, building a trio of searches. Then, someone starts shooting at them and June runs to look for the owner of the gun. That’s when we find out that the man is John’s father.

He attacked the three because he thought they were part of a cult, as his main goal is to kill Teddy. When asked why he left the family, John’s father says he was never honest and self-hatred prevented him from continuing with his son.

He also officially introduces himself as John Dorie (Father) and he and June quickly realize what they are to each other. So John talks about his son’s childhood and assumes that June is now the closest thing he has to a family. And he has a strange way of showing it: locking the girl up in the basement to protect her.

John goes to his son’s cabin and finds out that a man is living there and stole John’s other gun. The two fight and J.D. appears to have won. He goes to his son’s grave and is then shot. Fortunately, it looks like the FTWD reapers have already had enough deaths this season, so he survives.

Dwight and Sherry manage to find June and free her. Together, the three manage to save J.D.’s life. All of this gives her courage to finally read John’s letter. In his last words, he talks about how much he loved June in her life and that he understands why her father left him and forgives him for it.

On the side of Dwight and Sherry in the episode, it is worth mentioning that, although they focus on looking for June, all Sherry really wants is to kill Negan. So, is there a possibility that she will leave the group?

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