Fear The Walking Dead 6×12: Grace’s Reality in The Series


Fear The Walking Dead: The 6th season of Fear The Walking Dead brought an episode that we were definitely not expecting to see on Mother’s Day. After the explosion of a car, Grace is unconscious and begins to have a dream of an alternative reality, with Morgan and his daughter, Athena. ]

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After being hurt, Grace is unconscious and her mind takes her to an alternate reality. In her dreams, Morgan has white hair, a beard and everyone is happy – which, if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, is already a strong indication that nothing there is real.

In addition, she finds her daughter, Athena. She saves her from some walkers, but doesn’t know that Grace is her mother. Athena takes her to the Morgan community and Grace discovers that the place is thriving. Sixteen years have passed and everything looks fine.

Morgan doesn’t trust Grace at first, but she can prove that she is, well … who she claims to be. After all, she remembers things that only the two of them lived through, like the ride on the merry-go-round in Season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead.

However, Morgan did not trust her because, in this alternate reality, Grace died during Athena’s delivery. In fact, this was the starting point for the two groups to set aside differences and achieve peace.

As much as Grace didn’t want to tell Athena that she is her mother, Morgan suggests that the three of them go for a run so that the two can spend time together. Along the way, they encounter the message “The End is The Beginning” in a car that explodes. Then Grace remembers what happened in the real world and starts to hear the real Morgan’s voice asking her to wake up.

Grace’s real world and alternate reality begin to blend, but she doesn’t want to wake up. When Athena begins to feel Grace’s pain, she finally tells him that she is her mother. The two find Riley and his henchmen as walkers and it is only Morgan who manages to save them.

Grace is already aware of what is happening in the real world and believes that she will die in childbirth. Soon, that dream would be her final moments and she is grateful to have spent time with Athena. So, she goes back to the real world and Morgan is happy to have woken her up. However, Grace knows that she will not survive and says that everything is fine as long as he takes care of his daughter for both of them.

The problem is that when the daughter is born, she is not crying. Athena is stillborn. Grace realizes that the dream was not a representation of her last moments, but of her daughter’s. The episode aired on Mother’s Day only made it, in fact, one of the saddest scenes of the season.

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