Fear The Walking Dead 6×11: Meet the Holding Community


Fear The Walking Dead: The 6th season of Fear The Walking Dead brought some information long awaited by fans of the series: after all, who are the members of the community known as Holding and what do they want? In addition, the new episode also marked Wes’s reunion with his brother and a tragic ending.

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More details of episode 6×11 of Fear The Walking Dead

The new episode of FTWD finally brought more answers about who are the people who are part of the mysterious community known as Holding. A video about the life cycle, of how something needs to end in order for something new to emerge, with Ted, the community leader, showed a little more about the group’s philosophy and where they want to go.

Undoubtedly, one of the group’s greatest peculiarities is the use of natural resources – after all, in a post-apocalyptic world, we must survive as we can, right? So, if we need to save ourselves from zombies and destroy them to ensure safety, why not use them as fertilizers?

His lifestyle adopts death as the beginning of a new life, all seeing Ted as a spiritual guide. They want to isolate themselves from the world and do not want to need the world on the surface to survive, seeking sustainable solutions to maintain themselves as a community.

The problem is that the members of the community also want to eliminate all those on the surface because they believe that the members of the Holding will be the future of humanity. Throughout the seasons of Fear The Walking Dead, we’ve seen different attempts to survive and secure a safe future for humans, but so far, none of them have involved … well, ending other humans.

Although the episode provided more details about the community, he has not yet answered who the traitor who is passing on important information is. However, it is worth mentioning that we can discard one of the suspects: Wes. After all, he has a major conflict with Derek, a long-awaited reunion, but one that ends tragically.

After finding out that Derek was responsible for the attack in Tank Town, the relationship between the two is shaken. Wes lost many friends in combat and he himself almost died. Derek’s death was a predictable event, but it was still exciting under the circumstances.

At the end of the episode, Alicia has a fight with one of Ted’s henchmen and stays behind. Therefore, her future, at the moment, is still very uncertain. The group doesn’t completely trust Alicia, so coming back to rescue her or not is an answer that the next FTWD episode should answer.

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