Fear the Walking Dead 6×10: Who is The Real Traitor?


Fear the Walking Dead: The 6th season of Fear the Walking Dead has progressed in an interesting way and the 6×10 episode was a great confirmation that the approaching outcome has everything to be one of the best so far. In “Handle with Care”, a new episode of the spin-off, we have the opportunity to see Daniel even further, checking a little of the scars he carries – internal and external – along with dialogues with Victor Strand.

The 6×10 episode of Fear the Walking Dead brings the characters together, including Strand, Dwight, Sherry and others, trying to understand how they can deal with a threat that seems ever closer. For Grace fans who were concerned about the state of her and her baby, Morgan is responsible for fulfilling that task. It seems peaceful, but the scenario ends up becoming chaotic.

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More details of Fear the Walking Dead 6×10

In this episode, we see an increasingly suspicious Daniel as he tries to understand who the person inside the barriers is working with enemies. His level of distrust is so high that not even his own mind is free of possible suspicion.

When the groups get together, including Strand’s companions, Sherry and Sarah, Daniel asks everyone to hand over their weapons, but Victor keeps his and uses it to fend off some zombies that begin to invade the community. Daniel, of course, suspects the attitude and arrests Strand, threatening to shoot him in the face, but Morgan reappears before that happens – and things get even more interesting.

Morgan went in search of Charlie and Grace at the place that Daniel supposedly sent the pair to stay safe, but Morgan found them near the caves – a place that Daniel marked on the map indicating where they should go.

In addition, when the groups’ weapons were handed over, they disappeared. Subsequently, they are found inside Daniel’s room, which raises a number of suspicions about him. When confronted, he says he does not remember giving instructions to Charlie and Grace to go to the caves, just as he does not remember taking the weapons.

June analyzes the case and says she believes it to be a psychological problem, not a neurological one, although she still doesn’t know anything concrete – just theories.

Around here, the theories have also started! Is Daniel the group’s own traitor in Fear the Walking Dead? Only the next episodes of season 6 will be able to answer us!