Fear Street: Netflix Launches Trailer For The Fear Street Trilogy


Fear Street: Netflix released today (19) the first trailer for the Fear Street Trilogy (Fear Street), based on the books by R.L.Stine. There will be three films: Fear Street: 1994, Fear Street: 1978 and Fear Street: 1666. They will be available in the Brazilian catalog with the titles of Rua Do Medo.

All features were directed by Leigh Janiak. The scripts were also made by the director and Phil Graziadei (1994), Janiak and Zak Olkewicz (1978), in addition to Kate Trefry (1666).

The films of the Rua Do Medo Trilogy will be released over three consecutive weeks in July this year. Check out the following days:

Rua do Fear: 1994 – July 2
Rua do Fear: 1978 – July 9
Rua do Medo: 1666 – 16 July

The confirmed cast for the films features Sadie Sink, Emily Rudd, Ryan Simpkins, Ashley Zukerman, Maya Hawke and Gillian Jacobs.

Get to know the history of Fear Street

Fear Street: 1994 – Set in 1994, a group of teenagers discover that a series of horrific events that have plagued their city over many years may not have happened by chance and that they may be the next victims.

Fear Street: 1978 – The film shows Camp Nightwing, which is divided between the inhabitants of the prosperous city of Sunnyvale and the oppressed city of Shadyside. But when the horrors of the two cities come to life, they must come together to solve a terrifying mystery before it’s too late.

Fear Street: 1666 – Contextualized in 1666, the film features a colonial city that is dominated by a witch hunt that has deadly consequences for the coming centuries. As a result, it was up to the teenagers in 1994 to put an end to the curse of their city, before they died too.


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