Fear of Iceland Statement: Half of our Coronavirus Cases Show No Symptoms


Iceland’s Ministry of Health announced that half of the people who tested positive for the corona virus test did not show the virus symptoms as a result of their corona virus test study. This statement is a harbinger that many infected people unknowingly make others sick.

Most of the countries struggling with the coronavirus outbreak cannot test everyone because there are not enough tests. However, Iceland has managed to apply a coronavirus test to a significant part of its population.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Health of Iceland, 12,615 coronavirus tests were performed in the country with 364,000 inhabitants until 25 March. The coronavirus tests of 802 people tested were positive. Although the number of tests seems low at first, it is not low compared to the population of the country. Because Iceland has tested 3.4% of the entire population. If the total number of people testing tests we wanted to apply the same rate in Turkey would find a population of 2 million 822 thousand.

The coronavirus test study by the Icelandic Ministry of Health has led to an uneasy outcome of the virus. Epidemiologist Thorolfur Gugunason, one of the country’s Ministry of Health officials, explained that half of the people whose test results were positive did not show coronavirus symptoms. Gugunason stated that other people who had positive tests showed weak symptoms.

This result of coronavirus in Iceland shows how insidiously the epidemic continues to spread and how important the tests are. Failure to test people without symptoms in many countries can cause the disease to continue to spread.

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To prevent this, the process of getting to the conclusion should be applied carefully by applying a test three times to a person whom the World Health Organization has sloganed as “test, test, test”. However, there is not enough equipment to test the entire world population 3 times. For this reason, slowing the spread of the virus and staying at home is the most logical solution.

Iceland seems to have managed to keep the number of cases low with its targeted measures in the fight against coronavirus as well as its low population. Iceland’s coronavirus studies and measures can set an example for other countries.


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