FBoy Island: Why Tamaris is the first FGirl on the island — it’s important


Jaws dropped when Tamaris Sepulveda broke up with Niko Pilalis and Casey Johnson, leaving herself $100,000, becoming the first FGirl of FBoy Island. Tamaris knew that no man was right for her, and broke up with both guys. At the final elimination, she said: “Niko, I feel that you can’t handle me, and our lives can’t merge together. Casey, you’re good with your words, and you’ve opened up to me. I’m not sure you’re being honest. I choose myself. I can’t be anyone’s girlfriend! I came here as an FGirl… In the end, I had to choose myself.”

Casting for FBoy Island has been criticized by fans for blurring the boundaries between Nice Guys and FBoys, but the show’s creator, Elan Gale, says it’s done intentionally. Since Tamaris became the first official FGirl, she is compared to CJ Franco from the first season. Tamaris and CJ had impeccable FBoy detection skills. Fans assume that CJ would have made the same choice, but would have chosen the safest option to get the money. If anything, Casey has a type, FGirls.

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Casting FGirls on FBoy Island is a big deal. A female character is denoted by any number of derogatory words, such as seductress, shit, bitch, seductress, etc. Self–proclaimed Fboys wear their title with pride, and Tamaris’ acceptance that she is an FGirl is a powerful move. . To be an FGirl, you need to know yourself, because, as Tamaris said, “sometimes you have to choose yourself, and it’s never a bad thing.” By openly empowering FGirls, HBO Max has leveled the rules of the game in a dating reality show, and according to the Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Gale, who created Fboy Island, has big plans to “create what I call an ‘F-man cinematic Universe, including Fboy Island, Fgirl Island and Fperson Hotel.”

Tamaris flipped the script

So often in dating shows, women are at a clear disadvantage, and despite the red flags, women are not recommended to leave single. Even in the ABC reality show “Bachelorette Party”, perhaps the most pro-women dating show, for 19 seasons only one “Bachelorette” did not receive an offer, and that was in 2005. Like Tamaris, Jennifer Schefft Waterman trusted her intuition and realized what she needed. choose for yourself. Unlike Jennifer, who probably wouldn’t have called herself FGirl, Tamaris, who didn’t choose anyone in the finale of Fboy Island, decided to prioritize for herself, admitting that “these guys wanted something more than I could offer them. The guys broke up.” with girls and hurting them for years… there’s nothing new about it, and it doesn’t feel like a slap in the face, as if they didn’t expect it.” Tamaris mused several times that she “was a little FGirl” during the season, but it wasn’t until after the final decision that she made the “big splash” she was hoping for, according to Today.

FGirl Tamaris Resonates with Generation Z

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The fact that Tamaris pays priority attention to his needs resonates with a new generation of viewers. While Tamaris is a young millennial, she has adapted the attitude to Generation Z, which was evident in the second season of Fboy Island. Vice reported: “When you’re in your early twenties, people focus on casual sex to find what you like and how to get it all. out of your system before you settle down in your twenties or thirties,” unlike millennials who got married at a younger age. In order for reality dating shows to attract the attention of the next generation, they need to modernize with trends in mind. Love Island tries, but does not achieve the goal, continuing to deprive the rights of female participants. FBoy Island does what Love Island cannot, openly promoting women who can prioritize themselves, preferring to be confidently single, which speaks to the values of Generation Z. However, some older fans believe that this way of thinking makes women look bad. Some men have also struggled with this turnaround, as they believe it can influence women to turn away from love.

Fans are wondering if next season’s twists could lead to Tamaris and CJ getting back together. A new twist in season 3 of Fboy Island may also be that twice runner-up Casey weeded nice girls and FGirls. It is assumed that the unscripted HBO Max shows will be absorbed by the Discovery+ platform, viewers hope that FBoy Island will survive, and Tamaris’ parting words: “FGirl, F-Hi!” sounds plausible, since Discovery+ supposedly takes over.


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