FBoy Island: Nokia Rene from the best Instagram photos of the first season in 2022


Nakia Renee, one of the women looking for love on FBoy Island, impressed fans with her Instagram posts in 2022, showing off her talents and what she has been doing since the first season. During the filming of the first season, Nakia was looking for a girl. nice guy at sea “fboys” with CJ Franco and Sarah Emig. Since then, Nakia has informed fans about the status of her relationship, new passionate projects and much more on her Instagram account last year.

Nakia, CJ and Sarah are three single women who were looking for love in the wrong place. FBoy Island gave them the opportunity to play detectives and find a mate, separating the so—called good guys from the “fboys”. CJ is the only one of the three women who found a good guy, Jarred Evans; however, they are no longer together. Sarah was manipulated by one of the favorites, Garrett Morosky, who wanted money, not a relationship.

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Nakia shocked fans by cheating on her friend Jared Motley, deciding to split $100,000 and continue their relationship outside the show. Nakia and Jared have since ended their relationship; however, none of the FBoy Island stars have any hard feelings. The 29-year-old currently has 40,000 followers on Instagram, and fans love to see how far she’s come since appearing on the HBO Max show.

New Year, new Nakia

On the eve of the New Year, Nakia showed off her exceptional makeup skills by taking a selfie. She received hundreds of compliments for her avant-garde style in a leather jacket and jewelry. Nakia has ended her FBoy Island days and is now enjoying a single life, focusing on herself in Los Angeles.

Nakia is a musician

Since appearing on FBoy Island, Nakia has left fame on reality TV to devote herself entirely to music. 2022 was an important year for Nakia, as she released a new R&B song and promoted it on Instagram for several months. “Real One” is Nakia’s third single, along with “Just Like Me” and “Loyal Tea”. Some fans wondered if this song was about her former FBoy Island lover, Jared.

Nakia against her anxiety

Nakia showed her silly side in this Instagram video. The star of FBoy Island told about how she slept through an alarm clock and danced in her sleep. Nakia showed off her casual all-pink ensemble, including sunglasses. The comments on her post were full of love, as people treated her video, and subscribers liked to see her from the other side. In previous Instagram posts, Nakia showed off her real dance moves, proving that she is a double threat as a singer and dancer.


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