FBI: What happened to Rina? Death and Amplifiers Explanation of the consequences


Here’s the FBI’s explanation of Rina’s death. Producer Dick Wolf started his career working on shows like Hill Street Blues and Miami Police, but Law & Order is his most famous creation. This cult procedural series started in 1990. The series usually consisted of two parts: one was devoted to detectives from New York investigating a crime, and the second was about how the district attorney’s office is trying to achieve criminal prosecution. “Law and Order” is perhaps the most famous procedural show of all time, which launched many spin—offs, including “Special Corps”.

Wolf himself knows how to create shows that bring additional benefits, including his extensive Chicago franchise. The Midas Wolf touch worked with the FBI again when the CBS show began in 2018, followed by a team of agents in New York. The original series lasted four seasons and continues to grow, and received two offshoots: “FBI: Most Wanted”, which Dylan McDermott joined in the third season, and “FBI: International”, which debuted in 2021.

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In the third season, the FBI cast was joined by Kathleen Munro (“The Void”) as Special Agent Rina Trenholm, who later became assistant director of the FBI’s New York office at the end of the season; she also had an affair with Jubal Jeremy Sisto. It turned out that Munro was ready to become a permanent member of the main staff of the FBI, but this changed in the season 4 episode “Unfinished Business”. In the fourth season, the office tried to detain a drug lord named Vargas (David Zayas, Dexter), who, after killing his wife and child, organized the shooting of Rina. Two episodes later, it turned out that Rina’s parents disconnected her from the life support machine after a brain hemorrhage, as a result of which she fell into a coma.

Jubal had no idea that Munro, who also appeared in The Patriot, Rina, was going to be taken off life support, and he is devastated when he comes to visit and finds out about it. His grief is compounded by the fact that Rina’s mother reports that she has moved to the New York office to continue her relationship with Jubal. Although the actor’s exit from the procedures may sometimes seem abrupt, the FBI gave the death of Rina Munro real emotional weight.

Of course, Rina is not the first character to leave the popular series. Ellen Solberg from Connie Nielsen stayed only for the “Pilot” episode of the FBI, and Julian McMahon and Kellan Lutz left the FBI: Most Wanted in the third season of the spin-off. Of course, the long-term effects of Rina’s death on Jubal also remain to be seen.