FBI Warns Against Crypto Money Fraud!


Although it is thought that crypto fraudsters will stop due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, the incident is moving in the opposite direction of what was predicted, and it turned out that fraudsters found new beats.

Derived New Fraud Methods with Coronavirus
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has called on citizens to be alert to two types of crypto fraud, in a recent warning. Although the crypto money fraud that the FBI announced was somewhat similar to the previous methods, it turned out to be specific to the coronavirus outbreak.

The FBI said in a statement that threats to many citizens in the United States are going to transmit coronavirus if they do not send Bitcoin to them. It turned out that the attackers, who somehow obtained their addresses and personal information, such as workplaces, deceived users, in particular, using them.

In addition, the FBI stated that some of the donations to be made within the scope of the war with the Coronavirus can go to fraudsters. According to the investigation bureau of the USA, it is very important that Bitcoin and crypto money donations, which will be made especially on the following days, are made only from the official websites.


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