FBI Warned Rapper Jay-Z That His Email Would Be Hacked


FBI: Hacker attacks are relatively common these days, and recently even the website of former US President Donald Trump has been hacked. This time, the victim of an attempted information theft was American rapper Jay-Z, but the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) warned the musician before it was too late.

According to information from the Complex website, FBI agents approached the singer to warn of an impending hack on his email account. The agency asked Jay-Z to delete the messages with the most valuable information.

Hacked by partners?

This all happened shortly after the rapper was sued by the Parlux Fragances perfumery, which was preparing the launch of a perfume in partnership with the singer. The fragrance company revealed that Jay-Z failed to fulfill its contractual obligations during the partnership period.

Jay-Z, meanwhile, said the brand did a terrible job while they were partners and was fiercely critical of Parlux’s advertising methods. “I always had problems with the quality of lazy work that came from Parlux,” said the singer.

Another case that may be related to the hack is the lawsuit involving Jay-Z and Damon Dash, the ex-confounder of production company Roc-A-Fella accused of trying to sell the copyright to the rapper’s first album — noting that Roc-A -Fella is from Jay-Z.