FBI Swat Team Raids Famous YouTuber Jake Paul’s Home


FBI Swat teams carried out an operation to the home of Jake Paul, who has 20 million subscribers on YouTube. The team, who entered the search warrant, collected weapons from inside the house. YouTuber has no arrests at this time.

The FBI team raided Jake Paul’s house, one of YouTube’s most famous names. The FBI, who seized the weapons in his house, did not make a statement about the reason for this raid. An armed Swat team was involved in the raid that took place while Paul was not at home.

The authorities did not say exactly why such an incident happened, it was only revealed that the investigation was related to an investigation. The raid also saw officers collecting weapons from the property.

23-year-old Jake Paul, who has more than 20 million followers on YouTube, was previously faced with a plunder charge in Arizona. He also recently organized a party that allegedly violated public health laws. YouTuber denied allegations of looting in the “Black Lives Matter” protests in the USA.

Federal search warrant issued

“The FBI is conducting a federal search warrant at Paul’s residence in Calabasas in connection with an ongoing investigation,” said an FBI representative, of the raid on Jake Paul’s home. Stating that the search warrant, sealed by a judge, is forbidden to comment on its quality, the representative said that there is currently no arrest warrant for Jake Paul.

Was arrested in June

Jake Paul was arrested in a shopping center in Scottsdale, Arizona, during the “Black Lives Matter” protests after George Floyd’s murder. The police had declared the show as an uprising after looting began in Paul’s shopping center.

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Charged for illegal assembly and criminal violations, Paul said he was only there to meet with protesters. The famous YouTuber, in July, held a party throughout the day in Calabasas, which did not pay attention to face masks and other social distance measures. This party has been heavily criticized for increasing coronavirus cases.


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