FBI Most Wanted: This was the unexpected end of Jess LaCroix in the criminal drama


FBI: Most Wanted, the criminal drama of the CBS broadcast network, premiered its third season in the last days of September 2021. It is currently airing with the final episodes of the installment; and before reaching its conclusion on March 29, with this week’s broadcast it said goodbye to its main character as planned. (Spoilers for episode 14 of season 3)

It was at the end of January when the news broke that Julian McMahon would be saying goodbye t: Most Wantedo FBI: Most Wanted with the arrival of episode 14 of season 3, which was filming at the time. The actor played FBI special agent Jess LaCroix from the first season of the series.

Ever since it became known that McMahon would be leaving FBI: Most Wanted, fans of the successful series of the franchise created by Dick Wolf, began to wonder how the writers would develop the final story of the key character. Finally, the season 3 episode that aired this week offered the answer, but one that no fan was expecting.

In FBI: Most Wanted, McMahon’s Supervisory Special Agent Jess LaCroix was shot down while pursuing a dangerous domestic abuser. A huge twist that undoubtedly surprised fans of the criminal drama, since not even the character himself expected this fate while he was doing his job.

The news hit home when Hana and Barnes informed Sarah, who had been planning a surprise trip. FBI: Most Wanted showrunner David Hudgens reflected on the creative choice during an interview with TV Insider, which is tied to the decision to kill off McMahon’s character on the CBS drama. This said:

“Julian told us that he wanted to move on and do other things, so in the writers’ room we started thinking about how we could design his exit. We considered all the different possibilities, and in the end we came up with something that we felt honored the premise of the series, which is that this is the Most Wanted Fugitive Task Force.

“We go after the worst of the worst, the most dangerous of the dangerous, and one of the risks of that job is getting hurt or killed in the line of duty.”

“We felt like it was emotional, dramatic and shocking and, in a way, also honorable – Jess comes out saving the life of the woman we’re trying to rescue – but it’s also kind of a realization of something that is a constant risk to people. who does that job.”

Following his departure from the FBI: Most Wanted series, McMahon issued a statement at the end of January to reveal the reason that motivated them to abandon his role in the successful series. The actor claimed that it was a creative decision since he wanted to dedicate himself to other activities. At the same time, he took the opportunity to express his admiration and gratitude to Dick Wolf.