FBI Most Wanted Season 3: Episode 19 Release Date, Trailer and Plot


The popularity of the spin-off “FBI: Most Wanted” has caused a stir among viewers of this category of programs since its premiere on January 7, 2020. However, even now its third season continues to attract more and more viewers, and many are wondering about its next episodes, but this is what is known about Chapter 19, which will be released very soon.

Summary Series 18

During the eighteenth episode, aired on April 19, viewers watched as a journalist named Weller was brutally murdered in a motel room by a man he was dating. So, Remy (Dylan McDermott) and his team approached the case, considering it very delicate, since the journalist was working on a scandalous case of corruption in the police department.

After learning from Weller’s wife that Weller had recently quarreled with his best friend Chris, Kristin (Ebony Noel) and Remy went to check on him, but before they got to the man’s room, he was shot in the head by a sniper in front. of them they are. Therefore, they warned the others and began to pursue the culprit, who eventually fled the scene.

Fortunately, after further investigation and discovery, the team received Weller’s laptop from a man named Farzad. But they discovered that Farzad was not his real name, but in fact Badi Wazir, a member of the Taliban. At the end of the episode, they managed to finish off the men after a tense confrontation.

Release date, trailer and plot of the 19th series

Now, according to the information disclosed in the 19th episode of the 3rd season of the series “The FBI’s Most Wanted”, the team will have to face an assassin who was previously a police officer, which makes it difficult to catch him because of his many years of experience. . That’s why this chapter will be called “Abnormal Work”.

The 19th episode of the third season of the series “The FBI’s Most Wanted” will air on Tuesday, April 26, on CBS. But they can also be viewed on the Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV platforms after the program is broadcast on television.

Since the arrival of Dylan McDermott as Remmy to the FBI team, the investigation has been gaining momentum, in addition to the battle scenes that fans enjoy. Recall that the actor gained great fame thanks to his participation in the film “Law and Order: Organized Crime” in the role of a great criminal who faced Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni).