FBI Makes Internet Users Recommendations on Browser Security


Oregon FBI Tech pointed out the safe use of web browsers in a blog post yesterday and made some suggestions. The FBI stated that users can increase their security by turning off some features in their browsers.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) advised users to disable basic features such as autofill, remembering passwords, and browsing history when browsing the web.

In addition to turning off the features in question, the FBI suggested to users to track third parties’ ads and block cookies. It also revealed that turning off data collection on browsers, deleting all browsing history when closing the browser, and enabling “Do Not Track” feature.

Add-ons that brought new functionality to the browsers also took part in these measures. The FBI stressed that add-ons in browsers can be used to collect data. The FBI warned, “There are many plugins that warn against malicious sites and content, prevent certain information from being collected and clear cookies. Before installing the plugins, check for negative reports about them.”

The bureau finally suggested to users to install the latest versions of their browsers. New updates enable users to browse the internet more securely by closing security holes and correcting various errors.

Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge are currently the most used browsers. The popularity of browsers makes them the target of attacks.


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