Fatou Black Swan Accused of Bullying His Fellow Member, Leia


One of the members of the Black Swan, Fatou is accused of bullying his own fellow members. The rumor started when one of Leia’s fanbases in Brazil uploaded a conversation with Leia’s family.

Through the conversation, it was mentioned that Leia had been bullied by her own fellow member, Fatou. He claimed that Leia had been bullied since last October with intimidation, bullying and provocations getting worse in recent times.

The source also claimed that that was the reason why Leia was rarely active on social media lately.

According to him, Leia had tried to talk it over to the agency boss, Dr. Music, but they didn’t do anything about it. In addition, they also mentioned that Leia had deleted many of her photos with Fatou.

Apart from that, Leia also liked a tweet on Twitter which read, “Damn, he’s Brazilian, of course if something happens to him, it’s his family who will reveal it. People should know the history of this agency.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Music has yet to provide their official statement regarding the bullying rumors.