Fatal Frame will win a new game (but only in Pachinko)


Fatal Frame franchise is one of the most loved by horror fans, but we haven’t received a main chapter from it since 2015, with Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water on Wii U. To help wait – or torture us a little more, depending on the point of view – there is a new spin off on the way!

If you are interested, a first trailer of the game has already been made available, which has a very interesting look and even some scares and disturbing images. Check out:

The chances of seeing this game in the West are practically nil, but it is still cool to know that the franchise is still alive, even if only in the form of pachinko today.

Who knows if your success does not increase the chances of a new title for consoles? Would you like to see the series coming back to the consoles? Comment below!


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